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Michigan Psychic Medium


Oakland County Psychic Sherrie Ellen 

Master psychic Sherrie Ellen and The Traveling Psychics are proud to present to the public the debut of the best Michigan psychic medium that we have come across in a very long time. This gracious and enchanting  Europium gem is now a Oakland County medium that is now exclusively working with this first class group of readers to entertain at events. Our delightfully talented psychic reader and medium is ready to take America by storm as the next mystic sensation.

So many people dream about being able to afford to get messages from their loved ones by a high priced famous psychic medium like Colette Baron Reid, John Edwards, or John Holland. But the prices for their services are not in most peoples budgets. We do a wonderful solution to your dilemma. Our new reader is affordable , talented and with total freak you out because they are just that wonderful.

Call to book one of The Traveling Psychics of Michigan today. We are located in Commerce Twp, MI 48382 and are willing to travel to your location to entertain your guests and make your event filled with lasting memories of a life time. Sherrie Ellen will send you one of the best psychics or psychic medium in Michigan. We aim to please. And the price is right.

Sherrie Ellen’s Psychic Reading Room


(248) 505-9227


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