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The Game of Life

Oakland County Michigan Psychic Sherrie Ellen Speaks


We are living the life that we choose

We can choose our path/spiritual way, teacher/spiritual path, environment, where we live, friends. These are the only freedom of choice that we have.  The rest of the choices we already signed in in the beginning before we were born.  To connect to our mission there is work involved. There is work involved in everything we do including creating a business, raising our children, in making money, in keeping your body in shape, in maintaining our relationships. Freedom of choice is going against our nature.  And if it comes free and there is not work involved then there is not blessings that come to us from it.

Connecting to the light

One thing Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen knows for certain is that the spiritual reality is bigger then what we can see. Within everyone one of us there is a pattern, a challenge that is called tukun (ego, Satan, the opponent). This is where you need to make a correction. There are three parts to the tukin. There is either a challenge to go through, a goal to achieve, or a specific individual in my life that I need to help, all of the three combined.  There is an internal and sometimes external energy force that challenges us from connecting to the light.

Challenges give us a opportunity to grow

One of the questions that Oakland County psychic, clairvoyant, and medium Sherrie Ellen suggests to her clients to ask themselves that also applys to the reader is that you can ask yourself so you can locate a challenge is “are you aware of your action, Are you really in control of your actions? From the day we are born there is this battle within us. Throughout our life time we meet many people who will challenge us. This gives us a chance to grow and earn the light from above. The more intense the challenge the greater the opportunity to earn the more light. Many call this the game of life. Kabbalist believe that one of the biggest tricks of the devil is to convince you that they do not exist.

Spiritual work helps us get past our ego

 Remember they refer to the devil as part of your ego and not a red monster with a pitched fork. It’s like the opponent keeping us from our mission by procrastination. They are talking about the opponent distracting ourselves. Other examples are that some people have Satan to save money and some people have Satan to spend money. This all has to do with our spiritual work. Ask yourself where is the force they also call the opponent that wants to take us away from our mission. Satan makes us stop doing what we are supposed to do. He can freeze us in fear so we won’t work on our mission. He challenges each of us in different ways. This is external and not internal. Our souls wants us to do what is best. Being spiritual is to identify how often you see the opponent. Unexplained fears come from past lives. Kabbalah is like a gym to the soul. You got to work it.

 Aries gives us a chance to have mastery over our destiny

On the 15thn day of Aries gives this gives us the opportunity to free ourselves against chaos. It gives us a chance to have mastery over our lives and destiny. It is a war against the forces that have created our prison. This happens on the night of Passover. On this date the angel of death will have to pass over without creating destruction in our lives. This is the month of freedom.

Sherrie Ellens Psychic Reading Room


Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen is founder of The Traveling Psychics Entertainment company. She is available for parties and private psychic readings, and mediumship.


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