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Aries Brings The Greatest Opportunities



 Plant Seeds – New Beginnings – Remove Chaos


April 2016

Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen has been studying Kabbalah for many years with her teachers at the California Kabbalah Center, and also studies with a group in Detroit. She loves and scans her Zohar. She does call herself a Kabbalist. Sherrie Ellen is an Oakland County psychic, medium, clairvoyant, numerologist, and astrologer, founder of The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company, and a Realtor in a lakes area Michigan real estate office. Let her share the light with you.

Changing the patterns

Aries is the first month of the zodiac, and effects each and every one of us because we have a little bid or sometimes a lot more of all twelve of the zodiac signs within our DNA depending up on our birth date, time and place. This is a very important time because this is when we plant seeds for the rest of the year. This gives us the opportunity to transform our lives and create a new destiny. We can initiate new beginnings. But first we must look at the reality of what is negative in our lives. We must take responsibility of all the confusion that has been and is around us so we can transform this energy into a higher vibration of consciousness and light. We cannot walk through this process blindfold if we want to avoid chaos.

Change your destiny

The month of Aries parents the following astrological, zodiac cycles for the whole year. This gives us insight into how our future will look and how any impending arguments will work out. Aries are very selfish by nature. They are known to be one of the most selfish signs in the astrological wheel. We are all here in our earthly existence working on our individual short comings so we can rid ourselves of negative karma and to attract more light into our souls. We want to attract all the blessings that come with each positive change.

Influences from past lives affects us now

The interesting thing that I want each and every one of you to know is that we all choose what our birthday will be before we enter this physical existence we call earth. This will help us work on our particular short comings with the aid of our already achieved assets that we have acquired from all our past life reincarnations. This month of Aries gives us the opportunity to flee and be free from chaos in our lives. It gives us the opportunity to plant happy seeds that will create positive influences in our lives. This gives us an opportunity to break free from the clutches of the environment that has seemed to keep us captive.

Cosmic influences offers you the tools

Every circumstance that happens in our daily lives is subject to cosmic influences. There is information within each sign to give us clues on how to use these tools to create positive change. These patterns have been sketched out into the universe. We can achieve control over these signs so that their energy better serves us in a positive way. With the energy of Aries we can choose what kind of year we want to have. In the Kabbalist calendar Aries is the New Year. And we celebrate it in spring. In Hebrew you do not say happy New Years. The Kabbalist say “Shana Tova” which means Good Year. Abraham from the first testament designated the month of Aries as the real New Years.

Opportunity to change your course

On this powerful month of Aries which is also referred to the month of springing forth it gives us an opportunity to spring out of the life that we live.  This gives us the opportunity to change the course of our destiny. Many people who we can call naysayers would find this hard to believe. We can change all of our suffering and problems that we have been dealing with. We can change the entire chaotic situation of our life and move out of our struggles. This occurs with the assistance of the cosmic influences.

Removing the pattern of negativity

Each and every one of us has a patter that is from past incarnations, and our present actions, thoughts and words. We are all tailored like a suite of clothes called chaos which has caused great suffering. To re-brand our suite into a new style which only draws blessings it has to be accomplished in the month of Aries.  Each month we struggle with how to change the influences. But in this month of Aries it gives us the opportunity to change the pattern. We can initiate freedom without effort.

The fire signs

There are three of each, water signs, fires signs, air signs and earth signs. Aries is a fire sign. All three fire signs are known for passion, and they can be difficult. They are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. First six signs of zodiac are male energy and the last six signs are female energy.

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