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Gemini Can Break Free Of Their Chains


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Gemini May 20th thought June 20th 2016

Gemini is also known as the twins. When a Gemini speaks, many of them will reference their statement’s as a “We” instead of “I”. On May 9th Jupiter moves direct. There is a lot of action on the real estate home front if you are pursuing a change. Things should shift forward if you are planning on selling, or buying a home. With the new moon in Taurus on May 6th. Jupiter and mercury going direct things that have been latent in an area of your life can seem to coming to an end on some level. This is a time of letting go of things from the past that are holding you back, including negative relationships that have been hindering you.  These situations will finally be coming to an end. You will be ready to let go of negative aspects in your life. If relationship that you let go of right now are meant to be the person will come back into your life later to rekindle the fire at a better time for all parties concerned


Opportunity to Transform Relationships

There is a grand trine in the sky, with Venus, Sun and Mercury in Taurus in harmony with Jupiter and Virgo. Jupiter is going direct around your home sector. All this past stuff is coming up for you to deal with. Karmic lesson around relationships. This is all about how to speak and voice your truth using the love from your heart chakra, and delivering it with integrity.  Also all of this energy is in harmony with Pluto and Capricorn in the 8th house concerning other people’s money. This is a place of endings. This could be endings and beginnings giving you the opportunity to get things started in the right way.


Reconnecting with People From Your Past

Also there will be lots of people coming in from your past giving you an opportunity mend fences. You will have an essence of relief on some levels. This is about letting go so you can begin anew on a higher level and spiritual frequency. With this it can bring much more harmony and peace into your life, and those that you were in conflict with. With these aspects there can be separations, divorces, and at the other end of the spectrum marriages. This could be where you have the opportunity to marry that person that you always dreamed of.

Letting go to Begin Anew

You are being called to let go, which will allow you to see others in a different light.  This can involve all types of relationships from business, lovers, friends and family. It does not mean that the whole relationship has to end. A part of the relationship could end, resulting in a positive shift of change, and opportunities forging new beginnings within these specific relationships for the Gemini, and others who have Gemini in powerful places in their horoscopes. As I told all of you before, very one of us is made up of all the twelve zodiac signs.

Embrace the Opportunities

Oakland County psychic, and astrologer Sherrie Ellen wants you to know that this is not about doom and gloom. The bottom line is that you need to embrace these opportunities for change and delve deeper into what is going on, and how you can improve each situation.

Unload the Heavy Energy

The purpose of the changes in these relationship are so these relationships have the opportunity to evolve and move forward from being stagnant. Otherwise there is no growth within these partnerships. The energy becomes heavy.

New Beginnings

Also there is a full moon coming in on your opposite sign of Sagittarius on May 21, 2016. How you view and label relationships is shifting.  You will be getting a sense of new beginnings with all these planetary changes for the Gemini Sun.

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