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Solar Eclipse in Virgo

September Astrology Forecast By,  Michigan Psychic, medium and astrologer Sherrie Ellen.

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We have a solar eclipse in Virgo coming up on September 1, 2016, and September is a very powerful month astrologically because we have two eclipse this month, and for many other reasons I will explain.  Eclipses are like portholes. They are the intersections of our inner, and outer worlds. These eclipse are almost like wild cards where unexpected things can happen that jump us forward on our life path. People and opportunities can come out of the blue to jump start us in a kind of accelerated development on to our life path. This can feel very exciting.

The influence of the eclipse can happen two weeks before, and effect us up to six months after the actual date.  But the closer you are to the date of the eclipse the more likely you are to see a manifestation from this situation.  Eclipses occur because the light is interrupted. It’s kind of a re-calibration of light.  We are physically gravitated bodies of light.  We are sort of rebooted comparable to rebooting your computer. This can help us obtain a fresh start, so we can leave the past behind.

The solar eclipse which will be exact across Africa and the Middle East, but will be felt globally and energetically will happen on September 1, 2016.  It will be at 9.21 of Virgo. The time will be 2:03 A.M. Pacific, 10:03 A.M. UK time, 1:03 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

Solar Eclipses are like super big New Moons, offering you super big new beginnings.  This is where you want to see where this falls in your own chart.  The area that this falls in your chart will represent a new beginning in some way for you. This can be a meeting, a phone call, creative idea, or a mind blowing thought that will get you on track to your destiny for the future.

The Sun and the Moon are together as they always are at a New Moon.  They are in a very tight T-square to both Saturn and Neptune.  This square has been running since November of last year. This is much highlighted right now and is connected to what’s true, what’s not true, what we can trust, and what can we not trust.  This is coming to a head in September for two reasons.

The reasons are that 1# The Square is highlighted by a Solar Eclipse (Sun and Moon shining on it). 2# Also because the final Square is happening on September 10, 2016. And then it starts to dissolve.  This can greatly affect the Presidential election, and any of our world leaders. If there has been any untruths tried to be covered up we may find that it starts to be revealed.   A light will be shined upon it!

About the author Sherrie Ellen

Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen is located in Oakland County. Sherrie studies Kabbalah, and is also a medium, Numerologist, clairvoyant and astrologer. She works with the most elite Michigan psychic entertainment company called The Traveling Psychics.

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