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Full Moon in Libra – April 10, 2017

By Oakland County, Michigan Psychic medium, astologer Sherrie Ellen

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We will be experiencing the effects of the Full Moon in Libra on April 10, 2017. This month we have four planets changing direction which are Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. We will feel pulled in different directions.  It will be helpful if we tend to go with the flow more than fighting these gravitational vibrations pulling at us.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride with Saturn will move retrograde on the April 5, 2017 until August 25, 2017. Saturn takes around 29.5 years to do a complete a revolution around the Sun. Saturn goes into retrograde every year for about 140 days. When Saturn goes retrograde it is an opportune time to revisit our relationships, work on our long term goals, and responsibilities.  This a time to restructure the way we manifest our reality, and find a new attitude towards obstacles.

The Full Moon in Libra this April 10th planets ruling relationships of all kinds at 22 degrees and 32 minutes. All the Cardinal Signs such as Capricorn, Libra, Aries, and Libra will be activated.  These Signs are all about taking action, initiation, and bringing about changes in our lives.  With all this we are actually building our way up to what will be happening in 2020.

Venus, ruler of Libra is Retrograde in Pisces is asking us to reconnect with our compassionate self for others, and ourselves.  Venus in Pisces in very soft and gentle, and is offering us an opportunity to heal our present and past wounds from relationships.  This Full Moon in Libra offers us the ability to heal.

Mercury goes Retrograde April 9, 2017 until May 3, 2017 in Taurus who is also ruled by Venus the Planet of love. Mercury actually goes Retrograde four times a year. When Mercury is Retrograde it’s a very important time to open your ears and close your mouth.

This a time to listen to what others are saying, to what your body is trying to tell you, without making quick triggering, emotional judgements. This is a time to be the observer and not the judge.

Michigan psychic medium and astrologer Sherrie Ellen is one of The Traveling Psychics and a Oakland County Realtor.

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New Moon in Libra October 1, 2016

This is to prepare you for October 2016

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Oakland County, Michigan psychic, medium and astrologer  Sherrie Ellen wants you to be prepared and know that there is shift that is starting to happen this month from moving out of a more of a mutably that we have seen this year into more of a focus on Cardinal signs.  This is partly because Jupiter is moving into Libra. Before this we had a lot of mutability signs moving through which made us have to focus on being fast on our feet. Things were very confusing.

Jupiter Moving Into Libra

So now we are moving into Cardinality in a large way which is about action.  What is interesting this month is Jupiter is moving through Libra, and is starting to highlight and resurrect the Uranus Pluto Square. By October 12, 2016 it starts making a wide square to Pluto.  By November Jupiter will start to Oppose Uranus.  It’s forming a T-Square. It’s pulling Uranus and Pluto into a T-Square. It’s going to resurrect some of the themes that I am going to mention.

Fairness in Relationships

Jupiter is now in Libra until October 17, 2016. This is very good news for anyone that has the Sun, Moon, or any emphasis in Libra.  This will tend to emphasis relationships of all kinds, including romantic, mutual growth coming from relationships, collaboration coming from relationships. It’s about fairness and justice. I want you to watch for the words coming up in the media such as what’s fair, just and right.


This is in the early degrees of Libra, in the early half of October it runs 4 degrees to 8 degrees of Libra. It starts to make a wide square to Pluto and Capricorn 14 degrees. A Square between Jupiter and Pluto is about success, wealth, recognition, and opportunity. If you see where these degrees of Libra fall in your birth chart this is where you can find where success is available for you.  This can be where you can see success and money coming in for you, because it will show you what area of life this is linked into just for you.  The sign of Libra in your chart is a area of expansion over the next year that you need to watch and focus upon.


The Square between Jupiter and Pluto is an aspect of wealth.  I also want to inform you of the themes between Uranus and Pluto because this is what is going to be highlighted over the next seven months through April 2017.  Pluto is all about power, and control.  Pluto is also about governments.  It effects particularly autocratic governments which has topped down control, large corporations, large farming enterprises. This is all about where there is a degree of control over people.


Uranus is the antithesis of power. Uranus always challenges the status quo. This is all about independence, freedom and the rights of the individual.  We say this going on in the sixties during the fight for civil rights.  Many laws were changed at that time to reflect greater equality as a result from those protests that took place during that era. More recently with Uranus Pluto which really started in April 2011 many governments were torn down by the protests of the people.

There will be a surge of citizens demanding equality. Jupiter which is now in Libra is all about equality, fairness and justice. Another aspect in this T-Square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto is together they form a kind of scientific breakthrough often to a higher or greater understanding of our reality. Examples are when Columbus discovered the earth was not flat, when we put the first man on the moon in 1969 we had a conjunction between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

So this breaks us through to a larger reality. Over the next few months until April.  Also because Saturn is in Sagittarius and this can be connected to space travel we can possibly see more evidence of more galaxies, other planetary systems beyond the Milky-way, and more evidence of life beyond our own solar system. We can expand our vision of who we are here on earth.

Stay tuned for updates

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