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New Moon in Sagittarius November 29, 2016

Oakland County, Michigan psychic medium, and astrologer Sherrie Ellen is telling her client that this is time time to go for that new job, and invite a new romance into their life.


Be Optimistic & Have Some Fun

Sagittarius is all about positivity, fun and optimism. We want to plant seeds of intention at this Sagittarius New Moon to create and bring some very good things into our lives, and to be more adventurous, to get our messages across. It’s all about the glass being half full. To have a greater faith you have to first plant those seeds, and then take action to help these goals develop. The purpose of this full moon is to remind us is to set goals and follow through with everything we have to make our desires manifest.

It’s All About Opportunity

This Sagittarius New Moon is offering your four exciting weeks of new seed planting opportunities to bring in an abundancy of new beginnings, with an abundance of positive outcomes. These aspects can bring in school, learning another language, travels, and being more open minded to the infinite possibilities.

Jupiter Ushers Things In

I want you to grab this new moon and allow it to challenge, and transform your old belief systems that you have acquired.  Use it to transform your faith into magnificent certainty. Because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter this new moon can usher in many new opportunities. Jupiter loves to bring in new opportunities. Remember that if you make an effort then Jupiter is on your side cheering you on for success.

This New Moon Will Effect You For 4 Weeks

This New Moon is going to be a very exciting time. And its effects are going to span out for at least four weeks. What you have to also be aware of is that this New Moon is going to create some Squares, which will be harder aspects to three other signs.

Which Way Do I Turn

As far as Pisces goes, Neptune is our dreamy planet which makes things a little bit blurry. This can make it difficult in the decision making process. There could be struggles on how to formate your ideas into reality. This is a time when you will be deciding who you should forgive, or not forgive. These aspects will have you challenging your imagination, and also challenging your faith.

Trying Something New

The best way to proceed is to take action against what your head is thinking as far as your typical patterns, and just trying something totally new. Then you will get to watch your situations unfold in a different way that you never considered trying or were too fearful to try before. We also have some Sextiles that are coming into pay such as Libra, and Aquarius energy that is coming into things which will help things lighten up pretty quickly. Remember to plant those seeds of intention so you can take advantage of all the great opportunities and this time.

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Super Moon in Taurus November 14, 2016

We have a lot of outward yang energy. This is coming from a combination of Ares, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto still coming in running from this past October 2016. These energies continue all the way through early November.  This is linked to sudden, shocking events, with fast passed changes. Situations can just come out of the blue.

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Awakenings and Revolutions

This is about awakenings. From a positive side of this, it’s about personal breakthroughs, and personal awakenings. But in the outer world Uranus is liked to a greater demand for freedom, independence, and equality.  It always has been on a historical note. History proves this interpretation.  People can rise up against governments, against controlling autocratic corporations, and powerful controlling individuals that are in their path.  This is about the urge for greater freedom and equality. We are going to be feeling strong revolutionary activity happening all around the world.

Scientific Breakthroughs

This is a good time for scientific breakthroughs all the way to past next April. We have the opportunity to get actual evidence of life beyond this galaxy.

The New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio that took place on October still affects us and these energies will be strong in the beginning of November of 2016.

November 2016

On November 5, 2016 we have the Moon coming together with Pluto. This is all about the will of the people. This is going to be very intense.  On November 5, and November 6 transiting Mars, coming together with Pluto, in the second house of values, and of the economy.  There will be a lot of action and focus happening around the part of the chart concerning the USA in the early part of November.

USA Election Night

On the night of the USA presidential election Mars moves into Aquarius.  This is the sign of the people, of the collective, and more than a bit of a radical sign.  Mars is going to energize the people. This is going to make it a very interesting historic time electoral happenings to watch unfold. We will be getting some more clarity on what we can actually believe and what we cannot believe.  This is going to be about the authenticity of much of who we find perplexing us up to this point.

The Truth Shall Set Us Free

People always hear Oakland County, Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen tell them that “The truth shall set them free”. We also have a square going on between Saturn and Neptune.  Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. This is about what’s real and what’s not real.


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New Moon in Scorpio, October 30, 2016

This New Moon is transforming, very powerful and life changing.  Michigan psychic medium, and astrologer Sherrie Ellen will write about how this occurrence is particularly powerful, relevant, and influential in our lives.  First of all when there are two Full Moons in one month, the second Full Moon is called a Blue Moon.  And the phrase (“Once in a blue moon”) relates to this because it’s rare. The same thing can happen with a New Moon. Then we would call the second New Moon a Black Moon. The first New Moon of this month was October 1, 2016. This second New Moon shines above us on October 30, 2016.

Black Moon

Image result for black moon scorpio

The New Moon is when the Moon moves up and sits right next to the Sun.  The Moon is recharging its batteries and getting ready for its next thirty day cycle.  It’s very black and feels totally personal. It makes you feel like you are going within. This is a great time to sow seeds of intention, look at what you want to achieve in the next thirty days, to rest, become reflective, and look forward to what’s ahead.

This Black Moon pulls in additional energy. So not only can you set attentions for the next thirty days. But you can look at the many things that are much deeper in nature.  You can start to reflect on what you want to achieve more long term such as in the next ten years. You can move your goals toward how you want to progress spiritually, what your life purpose is, why you are here, and what is the best avenues for you to progress and fulfill your life purpose.

Clearing Your Space

The deep and personal self-analyzing questions that are going on at this time can be life changing. You can go deeper to plant seeds, and to access things that are hidden within you, such as hidden resentments that do not allow you to move forward, and even childhood secrets tucked away in the closet. The Black Moon gives you the opportunity to uproot these negative aspects, get rid of them and clear the space for more light.

This time can feel very emotional and very dark in some ways. But these aspects give you an opportunity to replace your darkest situations, and memories with all the good stuff that you deserve and are truly meant to have manifest within your life. By being brave enough to engage in going into the darkness you can really do some good clearing work.

If you are someone who is in denial, with a lot of skeletons in the closet, who has had a lot of negative things happen in your life, and refuse to look it straight in the eye of the storm, leaving all the negative buried, then this New Black Moon is going to feel uncomfortable because the nature of it, and the way it’s going to influence you is that you will be fighting from uncovering these hidden secrets. You will find fear in what’s hidden beneath.


This article is writin by Michigan psychic, medium and astrologer Sherrie Ellen of The Traveling Psychics.

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Full Supermoon in Aries, October 16, 2016

Full Supermoon in Aries, Sunday October 16, 2016, or December 15, 2016 Depening on your location. Full Moon Supermoon at 23 degrees Aries occurs Saturday, October 15th or  Sunday, October 16th, depending on your location. It is exact at 11:23 P.M. Central Standard Time on Saturday night on October 15, 2016.. And if you are on Eastern Standard Time the Full Supermoon accurs Sunday morning exact at 2:23 A.M. Eastern Standard Time on October 16, 2016 on Sunday.

This will effect you before and after the actual accurance

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Better focused on productivity

Oakland County, Michigan psychic, medium, and astrologer Sherrie Ellen wants to prepare you for the full moon that is coming up in Aries on October 15, and October 16, 2016 depending on where in the world you live. Mars is very strong in this second half of October because it is in the sign of Capricorn. And this is a great position for getting projects organized.  It will help make things very efficient. Any projects that you have been dragging you’re heals on can get sorted out at this time. Especially when Mars comes into a Conjunction with Pluto exact on October 19, 2016. This can give great focus, productivity, and efficiency around the task at hand. You need to find where Capricorn falls on your personal astrology chart.  It will be exact on October 19, 2016.  You can have a lot of action and focus going on in this area, which will be pushing us to improve this particular area of our lives.

Find out if these happenings are urging you toward being pushed to elevate your influences in your house of friends, money, health etc… Knowledge is power. You have time to get prepared.

Pluto tends to intensify and catalyze any other planet that it comes into contact with. This means that Pluto has the potential to increase the assertiveness or even the aggression of Mars. So this is something we must be aware of.

Jupiter is starting to come into Square with Mars. It does not become exact until November 2016. But it is a Wide-Square in the second half of the month. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. And this can have the potential to expand assertion.

But because Jupiter is in Libra we have a push and pull action between assertion and peace. Libra is about peace, love, justice, laws about social justice.  Libra is about equality, respect, and trust. So we may feel this seesaw action even in our own personal life’s, as well as out in the world.


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New Moon in Libra October 1, 2016

This is to prepare you for October 2016

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Oakland County, Michigan psychic, medium and astrologer  Sherrie Ellen wants you to be prepared and know that there is shift that is starting to happen this month from moving out of a more of a mutably that we have seen this year into more of a focus on Cardinal signs.  This is partly because Jupiter is moving into Libra. Before this we had a lot of mutability signs moving through which made us have to focus on being fast on our feet. Things were very confusing.

Jupiter Moving Into Libra

So now we are moving into Cardinality in a large way which is about action.  What is interesting this month is Jupiter is moving through Libra, and is starting to highlight and resurrect the Uranus Pluto Square. By October 12, 2016 it starts making a wide square to Pluto.  By November Jupiter will start to Oppose Uranus.  It’s forming a T-Square. It’s pulling Uranus and Pluto into a T-Square. It’s going to resurrect some of the themes that I am going to mention.

Fairness in Relationships

Jupiter is now in Libra until October 17, 2016. This is very good news for anyone that has the Sun, Moon, or any emphasis in Libra.  This will tend to emphasis relationships of all kinds, including romantic, mutual growth coming from relationships, collaboration coming from relationships. It’s about fairness and justice. I want you to watch for the words coming up in the media such as what’s fair, just and right.


This is in the early degrees of Libra, in the early half of October it runs 4 degrees to 8 degrees of Libra. It starts to make a wide square to Pluto and Capricorn 14 degrees. A Square between Jupiter and Pluto is about success, wealth, recognition, and opportunity. If you see where these degrees of Libra fall in your birth chart this is where you can find where success is available for you.  This can be where you can see success and money coming in for you, because it will show you what area of life this is linked into just for you.  The sign of Libra in your chart is a area of expansion over the next year that you need to watch and focus upon.


The Square between Jupiter and Pluto is an aspect of wealth.  I also want to inform you of the themes between Uranus and Pluto because this is what is going to be highlighted over the next seven months through April 2017.  Pluto is all about power, and control.  Pluto is also about governments.  It effects particularly autocratic governments which has topped down control, large corporations, large farming enterprises. This is all about where there is a degree of control over people.


Uranus is the antithesis of power. Uranus always challenges the status quo. This is all about independence, freedom and the rights of the individual.  We say this going on in the sixties during the fight for civil rights.  Many laws were changed at that time to reflect greater equality as a result from those protests that took place during that era. More recently with Uranus Pluto which really started in April 2011 many governments were torn down by the protests of the people.

There will be a surge of citizens demanding equality. Jupiter which is now in Libra is all about equality, fairness and justice. Another aspect in this T-Square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto is together they form a kind of scientific breakthrough often to a higher or greater understanding of our reality. Examples are when Columbus discovered the earth was not flat, when we put the first man on the moon in 1969 we had a conjunction between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

So this breaks us through to a larger reality. Over the next few months until April.  Also because Saturn is in Sagittarius and this can be connected to space travel we can possibly see more evidence of more galaxies, other planetary systems beyond the Milky-way, and more evidence of life beyond our own solar system. We can expand our vision of who we are here on earth.

Stay tuned for updates

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Virgo September 2016

September 2016 Kabbalah Interpretation


One of the best Kabbalah Center teachers has taught me in her lecher that Virgo is the month of desire and restoration. The New Moon is like a spiritual seed that contains the entire tree of life on a DNA level. The seed controls the tree. This seed determines how this tree is going to grow, what kind of tree will grow and the status of the heath of this tree.  Imagine that all the energy of Virgo is concentrated into a small pill.

In the Hebrew calendar Virgo is in the sixth month and it is funneling its energy into the seventh month of Libra which is the psychical manifestation of where we learn our earthly lessons. Virgo is a very powerful month. The deeds during this present life, and of all of the past lives of all of the creatures in the world are being examined. This can allow us to view reality in a much more proactive and realistic way.

If we look at what the aspects of Virgo is offering us it gives us a chance to look at it either with selfishness, or in a clear way as the creator sees it.  Just imagine how powerful this month really is. One of the interesting things about this month of Virgo is that it is allowing us to see as many of the hidden truths as they really are they we are prepared to or not prepared to witness.

The Kabbalist say that right now its a time to be humble. If you are not humble then the light cannot come in. Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen always says that GOD does not like arrogance. When we become a legend in our own minds the universe will step right in and make us fall right back into our appropriate place.


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Michigan psychic mediums Sherrie Ellen is founder of The Traveling Psychics entertainment company and is a well know psychic, medium, and astrologer in Oakland County. Sherrie Ellen offers private sessions by phone and in person in Commerce Twp.

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Solar Eclipse in Virgo

September Astrology Forecast By,  Michigan Psychic, medium and astrologer Sherrie Ellen.

Image result for solar eclipse virgo

We have a solar eclipse in Virgo coming up on September 1, 2016, and September is a very powerful month astrologically because we have two eclipse this month, and for many other reasons I will explain.  Eclipses are like portholes. They are the intersections of our inner, and outer worlds. These eclipse are almost like wild cards where unexpected things can happen that jump us forward on our life path. People and opportunities can come out of the blue to jump start us in a kind of accelerated development on to our life path. This can feel very exciting.

The influence of the eclipse can happen two weeks before, and effect us up to six months after the actual date.  But the closer you are to the date of the eclipse the more likely you are to see a manifestation from this situation.  Eclipses occur because the light is interrupted. It’s kind of a re-calibration of light.  We are physically gravitated bodies of light.  We are sort of rebooted comparable to rebooting your computer. This can help us obtain a fresh start, so we can leave the past behind.

The solar eclipse which will be exact across Africa and the Middle East, but will be felt globally and energetically will happen on September 1, 2016.  It will be at 9.21 of Virgo. The time will be 2:03 A.M. Pacific, 10:03 A.M. UK time, 1:03 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

Solar Eclipses are like super big New Moons, offering you super big new beginnings.  This is where you want to see where this falls in your own chart.  The area that this falls in your chart will represent a new beginning in some way for you. This can be a meeting, a phone call, creative idea, or a mind blowing thought that will get you on track to your destiny for the future.

The Sun and the Moon are together as they always are at a New Moon.  They are in a very tight T-square to both Saturn and Neptune.  This square has been running since November of last year. This is much highlighted right now and is connected to what’s true, what’s not true, what we can trust, and what can we not trust.  This is coming to a head in September for two reasons.

The reasons are that 1# The Square is highlighted by a Solar Eclipse (Sun and Moon shining on it). 2# Also because the final Square is happening on September 10, 2016. And then it starts to dissolve.  This can greatly affect the Presidential election, and any of our world leaders. If there has been any untruths tried to be covered up we may find that it starts to be revealed.   A light will be shined upon it!

About the author Sherrie Ellen

Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen is located in Oakland County. Sherrie studies Kabbalah, and is also a medium, Numerologist, clairvoyant and astrologer. She works with the most elite Michigan psychic entertainment company called The Traveling Psychics.

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