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Full Moon in Libra – April 10, 2017

By Oakland County, Michigan Psychic medium, astologer Sherrie Ellen

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We will be experiencing the effects of the Full Moon in Libra on April 10, 2017. This month we have four planets changing direction which are Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. We will feel pulled in different directions.  It will be helpful if we tend to go with the flow more than fighting these gravitational vibrations pulling at us.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride with Saturn will move retrograde on the April 5, 2017 until August 25, 2017. Saturn takes around 29.5 years to do a complete a revolution around the Sun. Saturn goes into retrograde every year for about 140 days. When Saturn goes retrograde it is an opportune time to revisit our relationships, work on our long term goals, and responsibilities.  This a time to restructure the way we manifest our reality, and find a new attitude towards obstacles.

The Full Moon in Libra this April 10th planets ruling relationships of all kinds at 22 degrees and 32 minutes. All the Cardinal Signs such as Capricorn, Libra, Aries, and Libra will be activated.  These Signs are all about taking action, initiation, and bringing about changes in our lives.  With all this we are actually building our way up to what will be happening in 2020.

Venus, ruler of Libra is Retrograde in Pisces is asking us to reconnect with our compassionate self for others, and ourselves.  Venus in Pisces in very soft and gentle, and is offering us an opportunity to heal our present and past wounds from relationships.  This Full Moon in Libra offers us the ability to heal.

Mercury goes Retrograde April 9, 2017 until May 3, 2017 in Taurus who is also ruled by Venus the Planet of love. Mercury actually goes Retrograde four times a year. When Mercury is Retrograde it’s a very important time to open your ears and close your mouth.

This a time to listen to what others are saying, to what your body is trying to tell you, without making quick triggering, emotional judgements. This is a time to be the observer and not the judge.

Michigan psychic medium and astrologer Sherrie Ellen is one of The Traveling Psychics and a Oakland County Realtor.

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February 2017 Solar & Lunar Eclipses Trigger Changes

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Get out of the old and recreate your life

Generally 2017 is a time of creativity, inspiration, and new beginnings. This is mostly because of the opposition we have between Uranus, and Jupiter which pushes us toward bigger and better possibilities.  There can be a lot of fights about injustices. Uranus is about personal awakenings, the mind of God also known as the super-consciousness. This can give us precise clarity. We can perceive things from a higher level.

Jupiter is in Libra which is the sign of justice. Uranus is disruptive and will break situations down so they can be rearranged in a way that better suites us, and raise us to a higher level.

There is a lot of fire going on in February 2017. We have Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Mars in Aries, and Venus in Aries which are all fire signs. Where ever Aries falls in your chart there will be a lot of action.

Jupiter will go Retrograde February 6, 2017 intergrading knowledge, and wisdom that we have received. Jupiter goes Direct June 9, 2017.

On this one day only of February 8, 2017 we will have an exciting Cardinal Grand Cross.  It will be forming between the Moon and Cancer, highlighting Pluto and Capricorn. Jupiter and Libra, and Urnis, and Uranus in Aries.  So if you have anything in your chart between seventeen and eighteen degrees of these Cardinal Signs then those Planets for you will be triggered in your Natal chart.

All that is mentioned in the previous paragraph can bring up some emotion issues that has to do with your home, security, and family, along with freedom, independence, and individuality.  Be aware of your sudden emotional changes which could possibly move out of your emotion sphere by the very next day into a much lighter state. Don’t make hasty decisions.

This is an unpredictable time when things can suddenly appear in your life, and other things can suddenly end. This is because there are two Eclipses. When Eclipses occur, they can wipe out attachments, relationships and projects. But on the other had it can bring in a whole new phase of activities and other amazing goodies into your life. This all depend on how it is effecting your chart!

There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10, 2017.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tends to be about acumination and letting go.  This has to do more with relationships. The effects of a Lunar Eclipse usually only last for about one month. But there is a possibility this can effect someone as long as two months.

Eclipses can reveal something that you are unaware of.  I suggest that you find out where Leo falls in your own chart so you will see how this affects you on a personal level.  Try and find out what house this fall in on your own chart. This Full Moon will bring things to fruition and closure.

The sign Leo is going to make us look deep within and notice if we are living enough from our hearts, and a place of love.  It will make us want to take accountability to look at how much love we are giving to others. This is a time where we need to open up our hearts and see others through the love lense.

A New Moon will be in Pisces on February 26, 2017 of this month.  If you have any Planets around 4 to 8 Degrees of Pisces, or the opposite of 8 Decrees of Virgo, then what ever planet that represent in your chart will be spotlighted, and will have to go through a lot of adjustments, and changes for up to six months or possibly up to one whole year.

On February 26, 2017 a Solar Eclipse in Pisces which is eight signs past Leo rising. This is putting the spotlight on your financial obligations, taxes, insurance, partner’s money, loans, and joint ventures.  These are the places where our focus will be.

These Eclipses can bring in a lot of unstable energy. So it’s important for you not to make any major life changing changes during this time. New energy is trying to come in. But you need to let it develop before you commit to that new direction.

Venus and Mars will be aligning in Aries.  Mars enters Aires only once every two years. Mars is the ruler of Aries.  Mars is courageous, ambition and extremely competitive.  But the Mars insolence get out of hand by getting overly aggressive, pushy, and combative.

Eclipses are just like portholes that allow us to download information. Chiron is Pisces in urging us to move toward wholeness.  We are being offered a spiritual lift in our state of being. This is a very inspiring time and an opportune time for meditation.

Eclipse are also like wild cards that enhance the acceleration of our personal development. This helps jump start and jump us forward on our path.  This also helps us jump back on our destine path if we were to have gotten side tracked and lost our direction.

On a positive note we will have uplifting and harmonious Venus acting as a buffer, taking off the rough edges off of Mars. A lot more can be accomplished without bulldozing your way through what appears as obstacles. This is a great time for manifesting our goals.

This is a magical, mystical and rich time for all of us.  I suggest that you meditate during this Lunar Eclipse and see what starts to unfold in your mind.

Remember that things will start happening quickly. Fire spreads swiftly. Many of the player Planets are in Fire Signs. Swoosh.

Article written by Oakland County, Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen of The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company.

Sherrie Ellen’s Psychic Reading Room

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Full Supermoon in Aries, October 16, 2016

Full Supermoon in Aries, Sunday October 16, 2016, or December 15, 2016 Depening on your location. Full Moon Supermoon at 23 degrees Aries occurs Saturday, October 15th or  Sunday, October 16th, depending on your location. It is exact at 11:23 P.M. Central Standard Time on Saturday night on October 15, 2016.. And if you are on Eastern Standard Time the Full Supermoon accurs Sunday morning exact at 2:23 A.M. Eastern Standard Time on October 16, 2016 on Sunday.

This will effect you before and after the actual accurance

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Better focused on productivity

Oakland County, Michigan psychic, medium, and astrologer Sherrie Ellen wants to prepare you for the full moon that is coming up in Aries on October 15, and October 16, 2016 depending on where in the world you live. Mars is very strong in this second half of October because it is in the sign of Capricorn. And this is a great position for getting projects organized.  It will help make things very efficient. Any projects that you have been dragging you’re heals on can get sorted out at this time. Especially when Mars comes into a Conjunction with Pluto exact on October 19, 2016. This can give great focus, productivity, and efficiency around the task at hand. You need to find where Capricorn falls on your personal astrology chart.  It will be exact on October 19, 2016.  You can have a lot of action and focus going on in this area, which will be pushing us to improve this particular area of our lives.

Find out if these happenings are urging you toward being pushed to elevate your influences in your house of friends, money, health etc… Knowledge is power. You have time to get prepared.

Pluto tends to intensify and catalyze any other planet that it comes into contact with. This means that Pluto has the potential to increase the assertiveness or even the aggression of Mars. So this is something we must be aware of.

Jupiter is starting to come into Square with Mars. It does not become exact until November 2016. But it is a Wide-Square in the second half of the month. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. And this can have the potential to expand assertion.

But because Jupiter is in Libra we have a push and pull action between assertion and peace. Libra is about peace, love, justice, laws about social justice.  Libra is about equality, respect, and trust. So we may feel this seesaw action even in our own personal life’s, as well as out in the world.


Oakland County, Michigan Psychic Sherrie Ellen


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New Moon in Cancer



Anxiety and Paranoia

Extreme emotions of anger and happiness.

A roller coaster ride

Reminds us to nourish ourselves, mind, body, and soul. There can be new loves, relationship endings. Do not make hasty decisions, or you will create negative karma that you will have to work out later.

On July 4th there are 4 planets in Cancer. This is all about nourishing. It’s about feeling safe, being at home, and comfort. It’s all about being comfortable, and feeling safe. There is a huge message with a key to understand how this unfolds for you. It’s time to look where these planets are closest in your own personal chart. You need to bring in a spiritual opponent, to release any negativity such as anger, resentment etc.… These emotions are holding you back. Once released it gives you an opportunity to move forward.

Releasing the negativity in your live is best done by water contact such as immersing yourself in a lake, ocean, or bathtub, meditation, and other spiritual practices. Try meditation by a lake. This is a time where you need to release judgments. It is a time to try to look at things from a spiritual aspect. Kabbalah helps puts this in a better perspective. There is a Lila concept which means that a strong woman will show her steamy passion that is happening this month. There can also be feeling of being coned this month when you allow yourself to be ruled by others besides yourself.

This is a time when you want all your frustrations to come out so you can release them. You want to let go of all the things that have not worked out in your life on a positive note. It’s time to shed all that is negative in your life and that has been emotionally holding you back so you can feel lighter. This will give you the freedom to forge ahead in a more productive direction that suites you.

This is a time where you will want to let go of negative relationships, beautify your home and other environments that surround you, including the self. These planet aspects will make you want you to heighten, and nurture your sense of family. There could be a lot of romance this month, depending on how all these aspects hit your personal chart. This could be a time where love moves forward, or you let go of a relationship that is causing you harm. This is a time of great passion.

The energy in July will feel very different than the energy we felt in June. There is a mutable grand cross that is going to keep people feeling pulled in all different directions. There is going to be a lot of distrust. Much that we thought as permanent is now dissolving.  But now we can make our dreams real. We can ground ourselves.

It’s going to be a very emotional month. There will be seven planets in water signs. So there will be a lot of compassion and sensitivity. It’s about nurturing ourselves and others. Remember that Cancer is related to the past, such as our history, and past experiences. But with this full moon we can set a different intention emotionally.

At this point Pluto is now opposing the Sun, and the new moon. This is about power, and power struggles. We will see power plays in strange ways working its way in the world. First week of July Venus in cancer is opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. There could be plays of power in your love relationships to fight for who is in control. This is the polarity that will be in the first week of July.

This is a time for original inventive ideas. Uranus is the planet of awakening and Pluto is the planet of transformation. Extraordinary thinking.

July 16, and July 17 the Sun is in aspect of Uranus and Pluto. Anyone who has planets between 16 and 24 degrees such as Aries, Libra and Capricorn will really feel these changes within their world. Uranus has now moved on to be conjunct with the dwarf planet Ares. This has a warrior woman quality. There will be fighting over the earth. Mars is also energizing Ares.

Mars is going direct giving out more energy. This will be helpful if you have Aries or Scorpio aspects. You will then feel a relaunch, allowing you to step out much stronger within your power. Mercury and Mars are moving forward like an arrow being pulled within a bow releasing all this amazing accelerated energy. A better focus.

Jupiter will be in a beautiful trine aspect with Pluto at 16 degrees off Capricorn. This can bring success, abundance, recognition, personal growth, and new opportunities. This is very positive. Jupiter with show us where we are expanding, and where we can have success in our lives.

Some people will be feeling the need to control everything because they are living in a scarcity factor within their consciousness. Just try and stay in control of the self, and not of others. Those who you try to control will feel suffocated, and pull away. But on the other angle this is a time where love can let go of a present relationship, rekindling an old relationship, or someone new can come into your life.

This is a time to embrace something that you feel very compassionate about. Put this can allow a healthy obsessive energy that you will be feeling, bringing in something positive, and something that you love. This is a time to nurture your emotional well-being which includes your spiritual ways, home, and even foods that you nourish your body with.

Pluto is the planet of Power

Just remember that the fireworks will be going off in an astrological way  because the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are in Cancer. All of these four planets are in direct opposition to Pluto. Pluto is about power. This is about how you use your power, how you own your power, and how you give your power away.




Michigan Psychic | Oakland County Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen

Written by Michigan Psychic Sherrie Ellen who is one of the busiest Oakland County psychics, and entertains with the pristine entertainment company called The Traveling Psychics.

The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company

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Aries Brings The Greatest Opportunities



 Plant Seeds – New Beginnings – Remove Chaos


April 2016

Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen has been studying Kabbalah for many years with her teachers at the California Kabbalah Center, and also studies with a group in Detroit. She loves and scans her Zohar. She does call herself a Kabbalist. Sherrie Ellen is an Oakland County psychic, medium, clairvoyant, numerologist, and astrologer, founder of The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company, and a Realtor in a lakes area Michigan real estate office. Let her share the light with you.

Changing the patterns

Aries is the first month of the zodiac, and effects each and every one of us because we have a little bid or sometimes a lot more of all twelve of the zodiac signs within our DNA depending up on our birth date, time and place. This is a very important time because this is when we plant seeds for the rest of the year. This gives us the opportunity to transform our lives and create a new destiny. We can initiate new beginnings. But first we must look at the reality of what is negative in our lives. We must take responsibility of all the confusion that has been and is around us so we can transform this energy into a higher vibration of consciousness and light. We cannot walk through this process blindfold if we want to avoid chaos.

Change your destiny

The month of Aries parents the following astrological, zodiac cycles for the whole year. This gives us insight into how our future will look and how any impending arguments will work out. Aries are very selfish by nature. They are known to be one of the most selfish signs in the astrological wheel. We are all here in our earthly existence working on our individual short comings so we can rid ourselves of negative karma and to attract more light into our souls. We want to attract all the blessings that come with each positive change.

Influences from past lives affects us now

The interesting thing that I want each and every one of you to know is that we all choose what our birthday will be before we enter this physical existence we call earth. This will help us work on our particular short comings with the aid of our already achieved assets that we have acquired from all our past life reincarnations. This month of Aries gives us the opportunity to flee and be free from chaos in our lives. It gives us the opportunity to plant happy seeds that will create positive influences in our lives. This gives us an opportunity to break free from the clutches of the environment that has seemed to keep us captive.

Cosmic influences offers you the tools

Every circumstance that happens in our daily lives is subject to cosmic influences. There is information within each sign to give us clues on how to use these tools to create positive change. These patterns have been sketched out into the universe. We can achieve control over these signs so that their energy better serves us in a positive way. With the energy of Aries we can choose what kind of year we want to have. In the Kabbalist calendar Aries is the New Year. And we celebrate it in spring. In Hebrew you do not say happy New Years. The Kabbalist say “Shana Tova” which means Good Year. Abraham from the first testament designated the month of Aries as the real New Years.

Opportunity to change your course

On this powerful month of Aries which is also referred to the month of springing forth it gives us an opportunity to spring out of the life that we live.  This gives us the opportunity to change the course of our destiny. Many people who we can call naysayers would find this hard to believe. We can change all of our suffering and problems that we have been dealing with. We can change the entire chaotic situation of our life and move out of our struggles. This occurs with the assistance of the cosmic influences.

Removing the pattern of negativity

Each and every one of us has a patter that is from past incarnations, and our present actions, thoughts and words. We are all tailored like a suite of clothes called chaos which has caused great suffering. To re-brand our suite into a new style which only draws blessings it has to be accomplished in the month of Aries.  Each month we struggle with how to change the influences. But in this month of Aries it gives us the opportunity to change the pattern. We can initiate freedom without effort.

The fire signs

There are three of each, water signs, fires signs, air signs and earth signs. Aries is a fire sign. All three fire signs are known for passion, and they can be difficult. They are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. First six signs of zodiac are male energy and the last six signs are female energy.

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The Game of Life

Oakland County Michigan Psychic Sherrie Ellen Speaks


We are living the life that we choose

We can choose our path/spiritual way, teacher/spiritual path, environment, where we live, friends. These are the only freedom of choice that we have.  The rest of the choices we have already signed up for in the beginning before we were born.  To connect to our mission there is work involved. There is work involved in everything we do including creating a business, raising our children, in making money, in keeping your body in shape, in maintaining our relationships. Freedom of choice is going against our nature.  And if it comes free and there is not work involved then there is not blessings that come to us from it.

Connecting to the light

One thing Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen knows for certain is that the spiritual reality is bigger then what we can see with out psychical eyes. Within everyone one of us there is a pattern, a challenge that is called tukun (ego, Satan, the opponent). This is where you need to make a correction. There are three parts to the tukin. There is either a challenge to go through, a goal to achieve, or a specific individual in my life that you will need to help, or all of these three combined.  There is an internal and sometimes external energy force that challenges us toward connecting to the light.

Challenges give us a opportunity to grow

One of the questions that Oakland County psychic, clairvoyant, and medium Sherrie Ellen suggests to her clients to ask themselves that also applys to the reader is that you can ask yourself so you can locate a challenge is “are you aware of your action, Are you really in control of your actions? From the day we are born there is this battle within us. Throughout our life time we meet many people who will challenge us. This gives us a chance to grow and earn the light from above. The more intense the challenge the greater the opportunity to earn the more light. Many call this the game of life. Kabbalist believe that one of the biggest tricks of the devil is to convince you that they do not exist.

Spiritual work helps us get past our ego

 Remember they refer to the devil as part of your ego and not a red monster with a pitch fork. It’s like the opponent keeping us from our mission by procrastination. They are talking about the opponent distracting ourselves. Other examples are that some people have Satan to save money and some people have Satan to spend money. This all has to do with our spiritual work. Ask yourself where is the force they also call the opponent that wants to take us away from our mission. Satan makes us stop doing what we are supposed to do. He can freeze us in fear so we won’t work on our mission. He challenges each of us in different ways. This is external and not internal. Our souls wants us to do what is best. Being spiritual is to identify how often you see the opponent. Unexplained fears come from past lives. Kabbalah is like a gym to the soul. You got to work it.

 Aries gives us a chance to have mastery over our destiny

On the 15th day of Aries, it gives this gives us the opportunity to free ourselves against chaos. It gives us a chance to have mastery over our lives and destiny. It is a war against the forces that have created our prison. This happens on the night of Passover. On this date the angel of death will have to pass over without creating destruction in our lives. This is the month of freedom.

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Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen is founder of The Traveling Psychics Entertainment company. She is available for parties and private psychic readings, and mediumship.